King Children Custom eyewear
3D printed on-demand.

King Children are a 3D printed eyewear brand providing highly customized frames to fit any face and style. Their facial recognition powered AR app allows people to move seamlessly from creating unique frames to having them materialize IRL.

We designed an interactive web experience to launch the King Children brand and champion this new on-demand model of online shopping.

Creative Direction
User Experience
Digital Design

Materializing the digital
Developing a unique graphic language we brought the King Children attitude into the world, creating a space where the digital and the material co-exist.

Mobile native
Using intuitive mobile first interactions we let the community experience the product benefits, in a way that comes natural to them.

An equipt creative community
Fostering an inclusive and creative community, King Children Residencies is a space to celebrate co-creation, one collab at a time.

Website development by Dave Lee, King Children co-founder; Strategy in collaboration with Avery Houser.