M+ Museum Over 5000 objects
of visual culture,
online for exploration.

M+ is a museum for visual culture in Hong Kong opening in 2020. Leading up to the highly anticipated physical space the M+ digital team have been working with museum technology studio, Micah Walter Studio to bring a wealth of collection data online in an open access API.

Over the past 18 months we've been working to take this breadth of information and open it up for exploration online through M+ Collections Beta.

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Experience Strategy
Digital & UX Design

A Visual Front Door
Being a museum of visual culture, the M+ Collections Beta welcomes you with visuals first and gives a sense of what the collections hold. This visual front door is an introduction, an overview, and a welcoming entryway to help orient and guide you in discovering the diversity of the collections.

Encouraging exploration
Fun facts and exploration tools sprinkled throughout the experience, provide approachable pathways into the various areas of the collections and promote continued discovery.

Giving context and understanding
The M+ Collections Beta exists not just to provide access to the digital records, but also to give you a better understanding of the M+ Collections. A large portion of the collections archival materials have also been made available to further provide in-depth understanding and context.

Full access everywhere
Inline with the goal of providing open access to all collection data, the mobile first design optimizes all content and functionality for use across devices.

M+ Collections Beta in collaboration with Micah Walter Studio.