Virtual Fashion Archive Archival fashion
brought to life in new
digital dimensions.

The Virtual Fashion Archive is a new online space bringing culturally significant fashion garments beyond the constraints of their physical form, and into the added digital dimensions of motion, interaction, and participation.

Leading all creative design and development of the brand and experience, we created the archive in collaboration with our sister studio Superficial.

Read about taking archival fashion beyond physicality.

Digital & UX Design
Interactive Development
Art Direction

Back Into The Poetics Of Motion
There are countless rare and significant fashion garments housed in museums and private collections around the world. Using advanced 3D computer graphics and simulation we've brought these amazing designs back into the poetics of motion, and broadened access for a global audience to appreciate them.

The Inaugural Collection
The initial series of virtualized garments have been curated together with The Museum at FIT and features pioneering designers including Issey Miyake, Thierry Mugler, and Claire McCardell.

The Virtualization Process
Through a custom process — including documenting, reconstructing the garments digitally, and simulating the fabric dynamics — we're allowing the garments to be seen in motion and engaged with in ways that haven’t been possible until now.

Enhanced engagement
The interactive site allows for the garments to be seen in motion, up close and from any angle, as well as right back in the real world using augmented reality.

A Virtual-First Design Language
The visual language of the platform sets the foundation to move into emerging immersive media. We paired minimal UI with a custom designed logo mark that brings an element of motion and dimension that is a signature of these new spaces.